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Training info for Film, TV and Radio


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Welcome to our online gateway to training information for members working in the film, TV & radio. There are also plenty of useful links for our members working in community media and education.            

New Entrant Training

We advise everyone starting out in the creative industries to beware of working as an unpaid volunteer (AKA interns, work experience etc.) - often seen as the only way into work. It is also often a rip-off leading nowhere.

Increasingly, there are training schemes and placements that give you experience, networks and an income, so please check carefully. If in doubt, check out the industry code of practice.

There are a number of 'new entrant' pathways into the audio-visual sectors:

  • Industry supported 'new entrant schemes - these are limited and being replaced by apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships sponsored by Skillset and numerous employers
  • Runners schemes - basically unstructured and non-accredited 'apprenticeships


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a broad term encompassing, courses, workshops, work-based learning and anything that contributes to knowledge and skills. People who are employed should be able to access training and development with their employer but this can be inconsistent. Freelance and casual workers are often responsible for their own CPD including paying for it. A complex system of training has developed in the audio-visual sector, with the result that training can be expensive and of variable quality.

The union's role is to help members overcome barriers to accessing training:

  • High cost
  • Available time
  • quality and relevance of provision

The links on this site lead to course providers who are quality assured such as Skillset training providers, BBC Academy or members of MITA who have signed up to a code of practice (about which BECTU was consulted).

A key starting point for all enquiries is Skillset  which is the Sector Skills Council for Creative Media.

Joint Industry Grading Schemes (JIGS)

A number of key craft areas in film and TV are covered by special grading scemes that require evidence of experience and qualifications before people can be employed in the grade. The schemes are jointly administered by BECTU,  BBC, EQUITY, ITV and PACT.In particular, safety-relevant grades are included within the various JIGS schemes.

Current Jigs schemes include SFX, Riggers & Scaffolders, Grips & Crane Technicians. You can find more details elsewhere on this site for SFX and Riggers.


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