This page contains a searchable database of information about courses that are run by BECTU for our members, including:

  • Courses for BECTU members who are union representatives or branch officers (these courses are free)

  • Vocational and professional development courses for BECTU members (there is a fee for these courses)

Build a Website in a Day. London
Build A Website In A Day

For many freelancers and sole traders, the idea of having a website feels like a luxury, and an expensive one at that. Many will even question whether they need to have a website, but in almost all cases the answer is yes. People are online right now looking for products, services and providers, if you’re not there to be found they’re spending their money with someone else. This workshop will show you how in the space of one day, you can go from having a business, to having an online business, allowing you to be putting your services in front of customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Maximising your online presence. London
This course provides a great opportunity for those who are just starting out with their online promotions and want to know more, and for those who already have an online presence but are not seeing results.
SEO Made Simple – The Key to Being Found Online
SEO Made Simple

It’s almost impossible to rank on Google for anything apart from your business name without some form of SEO strategy. Around 83% of all search engine traffic is driven by good SEO, with the remaining 17% from paid adverts. Research has found that ranking on search engines implies to the buyer that you’re a business to be trusted, but how does it all work?
Social Media for Business
Social Media for Business

There is no doubt that Social Media should be a tool within every business marketing toolkit, but many businesses still struggle to get past the concept of ‘push’ marketing and using it as a broadcasting tool. Social Media is most effective when it’s an interactive space used to build relationships and turn potential customers into advocates and fans.

This workshop is full of tips and examples of how to truly engage on social media, looking at simple methods to increase the effectiveness of your content, and examining the usefulness of paid for services available on various Social Media platforms.

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