Course description

This course is designed to look at harassment & bullying in the workplace for a Prospect/BECTU representative to be able to help members with these issues.

During the course we will look at:

  • The definitions of harassment & bullying
  • What impact it has on members and the workplace
  • How to analyse a harassment/bullying policy
  • The keys skills needed to deal with these sort of cases
  • relevant case studies

Who should attend this course?

Any Prospect/BECTU member who is a union representative of any kind will find this course useful - including branch reps, safety reps, learning reps and equality reps. It is also useful for local branch officers.

The course is for staff members or any reps who have a structured work environment and where the union seeks to organise. It is less relevant for freelance activists and reps who work in a variety of workplaces - please note that a course for such colleagues can be found here

Please check with course tutor Martin Roberts if you are unsure which course to attend or in which order it is best to take the courses.

If you are an elected or nominated  BECTU representative then you are probably entitled to time off for training by law. In addition all reps courses are free to attend and BECTU will pay reasonable expenses to enable you to attend.

Learning outcomes

'Learning outcomes' are a way to describe what a course or a workshop will contain. Instead of listing what is included we spell out what you will be expected to know by the end of the course. By the end of this course you will have learned more about:

  • Understand the legal definitions of harassment & bullying
  • Have a better idea of what impact being bullied or harassed has on a member
  • Be more clear about what should be in a harassment & bullying policy
  • Understand skills that are needed by a rep handling a personal case 
  • Be better able to understand the possible outcomes of a personal case by looking at past cases 

Completion of this course means that you will understand how BECTU & Prospect as a whole works to tackle harassment & bullying in the workplace

What next

At any time you have the choice to carry on with our own BECTU programme or try a TUC course. 

Not the course you are looking for?

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This course is being held at BECTU head office in London


This is a 1-day course, (10.00 - 4.00 with 1 hour for lunch)

Lunch is provided

Cost - FREE