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Writing Horror - A Euroscript Screenwriting workshop with Ian Long 9th July

Adapt Ability – The Art of Adaptation – A Euroscript Screenwriting Workshop with Paul Bassett Davies 12th July

Monday Monthly Euroscript Script Development Workshops at BECTU HO – with Theresa Boden

Writing Horror - A Euroscript Screenwriting workshop with Ian Long 9th July

Horror gives writers great creative potential. it deals with personal, social and political issues in primal ways that other types of story just can’t match. 

Workshop content:

This workshop will help you think the genre through in bold new ways, showing how horror elements can intensify many types of story, increasing stakes, heightening emotions, and adding to visual and cinematic interest. We’ll see how films, novels and TV series can benefit from a horror treatment. 

Fun exercises will stimulate your writing, sending you home with a sheaf of notes towards future projects. After the workshop we’ll be organising a closed Facebook group for those who want to continue sharing ideas, information and clips and news on projects.


Ian Long is an experienced writer, script editor and story consultant and head of Euroscript’s Consultancy Services. He has worked as a consultant for the UK Film Council’s Premiere and New Cinema Funds, the First Film Foundation, The Script Factory.

Venue: New Prospect House, 8 Leake St, London SE1 7NN

Who’s it for? : Screenwriters, directors and producers currently working on or interested in exploring  writing horror and the genre.

Date: Monday 9th July 10.00am – 5pm

Cost: 20% reduction for BECTU members £75 (£95 full price)

Booking: and further details


Adapt Ability – The Art of Adaptation – Euroscript Screenwriting Workshop with Paul Bassett Davies

Thursday 12th July 10.30am- 5pm

The key to successful adaptation is not rewriting but reimagining. Learn how to transform work in any genre across different platforms at this intensive one-day workshop.

Workshop content:

The appetite for adaptations is growing, and some of the biggest recent hits have crossed from one medium to another. Think of Gone Girl, Room, Fences, or Les Miserables. You can even include a film that began life as a box of bricks, like The Lego Movie. A truly successful adaptation is not simply a rewrite, but a transformation that creates a fresh original work which is also faithful to its source. Whether you’re adapting your own work or someone else’s, this intensive one-day workshop will teach you the secrets of successful adaption and help you develop the skills you need to adapt work in any genre, across different platforms.


Paul Bassett Davies is a highly experienced writer with a long track record in adaptation. He’s adapted his own work from stage and page to radio and screen, and he adapted the children’s TV series The Magic Roundabout into an animated feature film, among many other things. 

Venue: New Prospect House, 8 Leake St, London SE1 7NN

Who’s it for? : Screenwriters, directors and producers currently working on or interested in exploring  an adaptation project.

Date: Thursday 12th July 10.30am – 5pm

Cost: 20% reduction for BECTU members £80 (£99 full price)

Booking: and further details:

Monday Monthly Script Development Workshops – with Theresa Boden

Got a script or script idea you want to develop ? Need some constructive criticism and feedback? Want to make your work the best it can possibly be – whether Feature Film, Short Film, TV Drama or Sitcom ? 

Bring your work along to Euroscript’s 3 hour Drop-In Project Development Workshops at BECTU. Whatever stage you’re at with your project or script. From intitial idea to finished script receive constructive criticism and help to develop it further. You’ll improve your writing, story assessment and editing skills by giving feedback to other writers with our professional script consultant leading the workshop.  
Workshop content:

We allocate one tutor to up to six writers. Five days before the workshop you submit your work ( up to 30pp of a screenplay or 4 pages of a treatment and (optional) questions/points you’d like the group to considered )to be circulated to the other writers and our tutor. You will receive feedback from the other writers and tutor; and together we’ll a development plan, deadlines to focus you for each step and clear attainable goals to tackling the next draft. Full details at

Who’s it for?

Screenwriters, Producers & Directors who want to improve their writing, story assessment and editing skills by giving and receiving constructive feedback guided by a professional script consultant.

What they say about it:

‘Each time I have gone, I have found new insights and helpful comments that have stimulated my creativity and given me fresh impetus. It is crucial to have feedback from other writers if you are to succeed as a writer.’ Stephen Curran, screenwriter

'An excellent way to keep you focused and moving forward with your writing. I know of no other workshop where you can get such useful, practical help with your script.' Catriona Craig, writer/director

Time: 1pm – 4.15pm

Dates: Monday 18 June, 9 July 2018. Prices £45/ £40 Concessions/ £36 BECTU members (proof of membership required). Booking essential as places are strictly limited to 6 people per session.

Venue - BECTU Sector Office, 373-377 Clapham Road, London, SW9 9BT

Cost – £45 /£40 industry concessions ( £36 for BECTU members).

Booking and further details:

For more details please contact

Screenwriter/script consultant Theresa Boden is an Executive member and script consultant for Euroscript and runs Euroscript’s script development workshops at the BFI. She has co-developed & co-ordinated screenwriting courses for the Film Council & Skillset, was the Film Tutor /Mentor for womens’ web channel Hybrid Lab, Visiting Tutor on the MA in Screenwriting at LCC, and is currently Screenwriting Judge for Underwire Film Festival.

About Euroscript: Run by a team of creative film, tv and radio professionals and writers, Euroscript is united by a passion for great writing with the aim of improving the quality of scripts going into production. Through courses, masterclasses, feedback consultancy services, development workshops at the BFI and partnerships with industry organisations including the BFI, WFTV, LSF, WGGB, Underwire Film Festival - we support writers of all levels to develop their work. For BECTU’s 2016 & 2017 Freelancers’ Fair we offered screenwriting seminars and one-to-one consultations and feedback to writers, directors and producers on their projects at our Script Surgery.

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