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Course description

The Floor Runners Bootcamp is an intensive-crash-course training day set up by industry professionals to offer essential pragmatic training in how to be a top Floor Runner in the film and television industry.

Catered towards new, prospective and existing floor runners and taught by Assistant Directors working in the industry, the purpose of the course is to provide new recruits with the knowledge, incites and skills needed to excel in the role of floor runner, as well as essential information on how to operate as a freelance crew member and progress your career.

Aside from providing a wealth of useful information (that is seldom passed on) about the industry and how to set up and conduct yourself within it (keeping your finances, attitude, how to get work, the dreaded tax return!), the main emphasis of the course is to offer a practical, on-the-ground training approach to the ins and outs of what the job of a floor runner actually entails on set.

By bringing in the relevant equipment found on a modern film set, Floor Runners Bootcamp teaches tomorrow's floor runners the basics through pragmatic, interactive and hands on learning: how to use the walkie-talkie, how to set up an EZ-up, how to use correct set etiquette, what gear/equipment to have on you, responsibilities throughout the day, how to nail the tea round etc.

It is essential training for all on-set runners.

BECTU is partnering with the Floor Runners Bootcamp team to offer BECTU members a 25% discount on their floor runners course taking place on Sunday 29 April 2018 8.45am - 06.00pm (NOW FULL UP) new dates soon for July/August 2018. BECTU members pay £90 against the usual cost of £120.

Please see the Floor Runners Bootcamp website for full course outline, learning outcomes and information on how to sign up and pay.

The Vocation training course privacy notice can be downloaded here



Black Island Studios, West London.


1 day 8.45am - 6.00pm.


No qualification.

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