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***This course has now been superseded by a new 3-day C&G accredited course INFO HERE and for those who have already done this 2-day course there is a 1-day conversion course to gain the City & Guilds award INFO HERE


The C&G NA7909-(3) is the industry recognised course for Experienced Practitioners to be considered for the role of Senior Person Responsible (SPR).

The SPR is the Event Manager/Line Producer/UPM etc, or a person employed by them, to instigate and maintain safe electrical working practices for the entire production from the moment staff, who may use electrical equipment, are employed.

In many cases this would need to be a separate role from the Chief LX/ Gaffer or other Electrical grade responsible for Lighting, as they are typically not contracted early enough in the production process to advise in areas such as a temporary production office, workshop or equipment testing regimes.

Since 2012, over *1000* people have already taken part in, and passed, the initial 2-day course. Now, in association with NAPIT a third day has been added to teach Inspection and Testing methods to BS7909 standards, followed by a Practical Testing and Certification Assessment. NAPIT provide a bespoke comprehensive range of courses via awarding organisations such as City & Guilds, BPEC, LOGIC Certification, IATP, City & Guilds Accredited across all areas of the electrical industry.

Successful candidates of the C&G NA7909-(3) will be awarded a City and Guilds certificate. It is important to note that this is not a stand alone method to prove an individuals competence and employers should also seek other evidence of qualifications and experience. 

2 courses are available: 1-day Inspection & Testing top up - for those who have already completed the initial 2-day course INFO HEREand the full 3-day course INFO HERE

Background to previous 2-day course

Are you an electrician or lighting technician working in broadcasting or film? If so this course is essential for you.

The Skillset Certificate in Temporary Electrical Systems (SCiTES) has been created for all of those working with temporary power, particularly (but not exclusively) in the broadcast/film, theatre, festivals, shows and exhibition industries.

This certificate has been developed following a request from a safety group comprising of the major broadcasters, BECTU, PACT and freelance electricians.

There have been significant changes in the electrical standards (noteably BS 7671 and BS 7909) and working practices in recent years.

Increased understanding and application of health and safety legislation, better knowledge of electrical safety principles and products and the greater demands placed on temporary systems (caused by modern equipment) has led to the industry developing this course.

The SCiTES certificate has been developed following a request from a safety group comprising of the major broadcasters, BECTU, PACT, freelance electricians and lighting suppliers, and is currently the only industry recognised accreditation. To date there are no other training courses of this type that have such industry agreement

The course should be considered as continuing professional development for those already working in the industry and is not an electrical qualification in its own right

It is aimed at existing practitioners or those newly qualified by allied routes (such as 17th edition qualifications or electrical NVQ's), and will enable candidates to demonstrate an understanding of what is required to practice safely with temporary electrical systems using the recognised Standards BS 7671 and BS 7909..

Under health and safety law employers have a duty to ensure that those responsible for providing an electrically safe working environment on  their behalf can do so competently and effectively. Many employers (spearheaded by the BBC) are intending to enforce this certificate for those responsible for temporary power systems on their productions.

This course highlights the legal responsibilities of those working with power and uses ordinary scenarios and situation to explain common hazards and how the associated standards can be used to mitigate the risks.

The certificate has already been run around the UK and to date over 600 people have undergone the training. Feedback has been excellent; so far 99% of candidates enjoyed it and would recommend it to their colleagues.

It is a two day course with 11 short assessment papers through the two days. 9:30-17:00 each day


James Eade, Chartered Engineer, has worked on live events around the world and continues to get his hands dirty on location. 

He represents a number of trade associations on British standards committees including BS7909 and BS7671.

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Creative Skillset Certificate in Temporary Electrical Installations.