Union condemns 1500 ntl: job cuts

Plans to shed more jobs at transmission company ntl:, announced today, have been criticised by BECTU.

Officials have reacted with dismay at the prospect of 1500 job cuts, mostly in ntl: call centres, in a cull of customer service posts.

Although BECTU is not recognised by ntl: for call centre staff, many of them are represented by the union on an individual basis.

Sharon Elliott, supervisory official at BECTU commented: "Today's announcement is hugely unsettling for the staff affected who have continued to support the company through the many troubles of recent years and had hoped for better treatment.

"BECTU will do what it can to support its members to ensure that the reorganisation is conducted fairly and with compassion".

BECTU is recognised by ntl: for staff working in its field engineering force, and in the company's broadcast division, where the union is currently in dispute with management over proposed changes to terms and conditions.

Talks were underway today at ACAS to see if an early resolution to the dispute could be found.

7 April 2004