2006 Conference proposals issued

Proposals for BECTU's 2006 Annual Conference in Eastbourne have been issued.

BECTU Branches and the NEC (National Executive Committee) have submitted proposals for this year's Annual Conference to be held in May.

Beforehand BECTU Branches have until 5 April 2006 to put forward amendments to the proposed changes.

Both these amendments and the original proposals will be subject to debate and voting at Conference by Branch delegates from across the union.

The union's Annual Conference is being held in Eastbourne on 21 May 2006.

BECTU Branches are reminded they must notify Head Office of their Conference delegates by 5 April 2006.

On 20 May 2006 separate Conferences for the following Divisions of the union will also be taking place in Eastbourne:

  • BBC
  • Independent Broadcasting
  • Regional Production
  • Arts and Entertainment
The Laboratories and London Production Divisions are expected to hold their Conferences later in the year at different venues.

5 February 2006
Amended 7 February 2006