Channel 5 drops BNP broadcast

BECTU has called on other broadcasters to follow C5's lead in banning a BNP political broadcast.

Channel 5 announced today, May 28, that a party political broadcast by the British National Party had been pulled from the schedule this evening.

According to a C5 spokesman, the broadcast was "likely to stir up racial hatred", and would breach the channel's programme code.

Unions have called on the BBC, ITV, and S4C, all due to transmit BNP broadcasts later today, to follow the example of Channel 5 by dropping them.

BECTU members have already been advised that if they refuse to handle transmission of the tapes "on grounds of conscience" they will be supported by the union. Demonstrations have been organised outside broadcasters' premises in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Manchester.

"Channel 5's decision has shown that our protests outside BBC premises today are fully justified", said BECTU assistant general secretary Gerry Morrissey.

"We call on all broadcasters to follow suit, and withdraw the BNP broadcasts scheduled for tonight. There can be no doubt now that they are aimed at stirring up racial tension.

"We urge voters to turn out on June the 10th and cast their votes against these racists masquerading as a bona fide political party."

28 May 2004