Minister to meet BECTU on BBCT

The Culture Minister will be meeting BECTU before any government decision is taken on the future of BBC Technology.

It has been confirmed that Tessa Jowell, UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Arts, will be meeting BECTU Representatives at some point after 6 September 2004, almost a week after the BBC's target date for the sell-off.

The union will be expressing its opposition to the BBC's proposed privatisation of BBC Technology since it believes it is not in the interests of either staff or the Corporation.

The privatisation requires government approval, and the union will be tabling detailed arguments against the sale.

The announcement comes as BBCT and News IT members are being balloted on a second offer on terms and conditions, following a 87% rejection of the first offer from Siemens, the proposed purchaser of BBCT.

2 August 2004