New Resources proposals accepted

BBC London Operations members have voted to accept new proposals to resolve a long-running dispute.

The ballot result follows industrial action carried out in Resources London Operations department since March - members have voted by more than 88% to accept specific proposals resulting from mid-July talks with management, which include:

  • The right to refuse duty longer than 12 hours.
  • Additional payments for hours over 12.
  • Consolidation of previous short term acting payments.
  • Travel time and mileage calculated as elsewhere in the BBC.
These proposals were made in response to extended industrial action which has been carried out across London Operations. This action, which was suspended for the period of the ballot, has now been withdrawn.

The action was carried out in protest at the attempted imposition of unagreed local conditions by management and aspects of a wide-ranging reorganisation of London Operations. The action included a one day stoppage followed by a range of ongoing action such as refusing to work longer than 12 hours.

The action has resulted in the reinstatement of a number of significant local conditions elements that management previously attempted to abolish, including the right to refuse long days or short breaks between turns of duty, as well as standardised travel time and mileage calculations.

The proposals, previously reported, include a number of detailed points, such as a new system covering short term acting (ERR) - these will be the subject of ongoing discussion to ensure implementation is carried out in an acceptable manner.

Despite these positive moves, concern remains in some parts of the department about unreasonable interpretation of some aspects of local conditions, particularly relating to the allocation of staff and transport facilities.

London Operations covers the majority of staff in BBC Resources and includes London Television Studios, Television and Radio OBs, along with London Post Production and Graphic Design.

17 August 2001