Cameo staff back BECTU recognition

Employees at Edinburgh's Cameo Cinema have voted for BECTU to represent them in future negotiations with management.

Among those voting in a postal ballot on statutory recognition of the union the decision to allow BECTU into the cinema was unanimous.

Although only 12 of the Cameo's 29 staff returned ballot papers, they all voted for BECTU, thus guaranteeing recognition under a recent labour law which requires minimum support of 40% of all employees before a union can automatically represent them.

The result followed on the heels of a voluntary recognition agreement for staff in London's Ritzy Cinema, also owned by City Screen, operators of the Cameo.

In the case of the Edinburgh cinema, City Screen would not concede recognition voluntarily, and insisted on a full ballot of staff, after a battle with BECTU at the Central Arbitration Committee, where the employer was famously represented by Ms Cherie Booth QC.

Union officials praised the commitment of BECTU members at the Cameo, and emphasised that now the decision had been made, the union was looking forward to a constructive relationship with City Screen in coming months.

2 July 2004