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Right to Work demo makes its mark

BECTU representatives wave their gold and blue flags during the Right to Work march. BECTU representatives march in Birmingham

3 October 2010

BECTU representatives braved the cold and wet in Birmingham today (Sunday 3 October) to join thousands of demonstrators on the Right to Work march.

The demonstration was timed to coincide with the start of the Conservative Party Conference in England's second city.

On the Tory agenda? Massive cuts in public spending which are certain to challenge the country and the trade union movement.

BECTU has already registered its concerns about the impact of cuts on the theatre sector. The union also believes that UK film-making will suffer badly from the decision to close the UK Film Council.

BECTU and Equity, which work together in the Federation of Entertainment Unions, were both represented on the march. More info about Right to Work.

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