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Labour leadership: how members voted

26 September 2010

Less than 3000 BECTU members used their votes in the Labour Party's leadership contest which yesterday (25 September 2010) elected Ed Miliband as leader.

The breakdown of members' votes was as follows:

  • David Miliband - 715
  • Ed Miliband - 697
  • Diane Abbott - 588
  • Andy Burnham - 210
  • Ed Balls - 194

The number of papers distributed was 24,204; the number of votes cast was 2570; the number of spoilt ballot papers was 166. The poor turnout amongst BECTU members, which is said to be consistent with the union vote overall, will be viewed as disappointing.

That said, Gerry Morrissey, general secretary, who with NEC member, Mark Rivers, is representing BECTU at the party's conference in Manchester, said:

"I am pleased to send congratulations on behalf of BECTU to Ed Miliband, the Labour Party's new leader. This election allows the labour movement to move forward together in the battle against savage cuts in public services.

"We look forward to working with the new shadow culture team in the best interests of our members."

The union's journal featured a Q&A with the leadership candidates ahead of the distribution of ballot papers last month.


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