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31 August 2010

New agency regulations will come into force in Great Britain on 1 October 2010.

The following documents, provided by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, help to explain the current regulations and give tips on how people should protect themselves from unscrupulous operators.

The guidance also highlights changes due to come into effect on 1 October 2010 which will introduce a ban on upfront fees for fashion models and an extension of the current cooling off period for workers represented by BECTU, such as our background artistes.

Business link guidance on agency regulations

Golden rules on the use of employment agencies

Entertainment and modelling advice

Similar changes to the regulations in force in Northern Ireland are expected later in the year.

"BECTU hopes these guidance documents will help to explain members' rights and what to expect when the regulations take effect," commented Spencer MacDonald, national official.  

"The union has long campaigned for a ban on upfront fees within our industry and believes that most abuses would be halted overnight if a ban were to be implemented.

"To date we haven’t been successful in achieving this but we are committed to making sure that the new government knows this is our objective."

BIS have promised to issue further advice when the regulations change in October.

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Amended 8 September 2010 to take account of revisions to the BIS guidance.