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Wilson James' members accept 2010 pay offer

Wilson James - Providing fire and security services to the BBC's London premises

13 August 2010

Members employed by Wilson James, the BBC's security contractor for its London sites, have today (Friday 13 August) agreed to a 2% pay increase for 2010-11.

In the consultative ballot which closed at 12 noon the pay offer was accepted by 58% of members taking part.

A bigger majority in favour was compromised possibly by management's insistence that the pay offer was conditional on acceptance of a shift in the pay date from the end of the month to the 11th of the month.

Bello Balogun at conferenceBello Balogun representing Wilson James staff at BECTU's conference in May

Staff will be able to access a £500 transition payment (repayable in three instalments) to help with the adjustment.

The change to the pay date will be implemented in November 2010.


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