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Celebrating 50 years of union membership

Chilton 'Chilly' Inglis with his certificate.

20 August 2010

Twelve members of BECTU received certificates in 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of their union membership.

This year's recipients include actor and director, Bryan Forbes, senior prop master, Bruce Vincent, and secretary of the Scottish Freelance Branch, Chilton Inglis. 

Responding to his award, Bryan Forbes wrote:

"Thank you all for remembering me - we have fought many battles along the way, haven't we? I always applaud the way in which your officers fight for justice with the BBC and ITV television companies."

Bruce Vincent was also kind enough to offer some reflections on his time in the industry:

 "I started work at the Victoria Palace Theatre in 1959 and worked on two shows there Rosemarie with David Whitfield and the last show of the Crazy Gang, Young in Heart. My hourly rate was two shillings and eight pence and my weekly subs to NATTKE was sixpence, old money of course." Summing up his career, Bruce said "It has been an entertaining 51 years."

Chilton Inglis recalled "I actually joined the ABS Bush House branch on 4 November 1960, exactly one month before my 20th birthday.  I started my career with the BBC less than a month before, on 10 October."

After his retirement from the BBC, Chilton transferred to the Scottish Freelance branch "I remain active in the media on a voluntary basis, videoing and recording charity events, mainly classical music concerts, usually with my good friend also of 50 years, Norman McGadie." said Chilton.

The decision to present a certificate to members on the 50th anniversary of their membership was made at annual conference in 2008 following a proposition submitted by the FAA branch.



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