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17 May 2010

BECTU representatives meeting in Bournemouth on Saturday 15 May debated a number of motions. See the list below for confirmation of which ones were carried, lost or remitted.

Each year the union's branches are invited to submit policy propositions to annual conference. This year's accepted motions are listed below, with the name of the submitting branch and confirmation of how each fared. 

List of Propositions

Proposition 1 - Alternative voting (Central London FM&T) - LOST

Proposition 2 -  Proposed employment agency regulations (Film Artistes) - CARRIED

Proposition 3 -  Recruitment initiatives (Bush) - REMITTED

Proposition 4 -  Representation of overseas employees (BBC Worldwide TV & Publishing) - LOST

Proposition 5 - Use of branch funds (North West Freelance) - CARRIED

Proposition 6 - Make the bankers pay (BBC Radio and Music Production) - CARRIED

Proposition 7 - Break the link with Labour (BBC Radio and Music Production) - LOST

Proposition 8 - No co-operation with war crimes (BBC Radio and Music Production) - LOST

Proposition 9 - Impartiality of new broadcasting (BBC Worldwide TV and Publishing) - CARRIED

Proposition 10 - MPs Expenses (Bush) - CARRIED

Proposition 11 -  Anti-union laws (BBC Radio and Music Production) - CARRIED

Proposition 12 - Exploitation of young workers (Writers Producers and Directors) - CARRIED

Proposition 13 -  Equality monitoring data (North West Freelance) - CARRIED

Proposition 14 - BECTU T-shirts (Royal Opera House) - CARRIED

Proposition 15 -  Policy on the BNP (Central London FM&T) - CARRIED

Proposition 16 - The BNP (Writers Producers and Directors) - CARRIED WITH AMENDMENT.

(NB: in respect of proposition 16, the branch submitted an amendment to the proposition which was rejected at an earlier stage by the SOC; this amendment was accepted at annual conference and the amended proposition was carried).

Emergency Propositions

No emergency propositions were debated at this year's conference. Post Production and Facilities branch did ask the SOC to accept a proposal to debate the union's policy on illegal downloads but this was not accepted as an emergency issue.  Representatives were encouraged to refer their concerns to the London Production division. 

What happens next?

Where a conference proposition is marked as CARRIED, this indicates that the proposition becomes union policy and the NEC is committed to acting in accordance with that proposition. Where a proposition is marked as REMITTED, the branch representatives agreed to put the proposal into the hands of the NEC for further consideration. Where a proposition is marked as LOST this means that the proposition was defeated by a conference vote.