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7 April 2010

Skillset, the lead industry training body for the creative industries, published new guidance last month to define the range of new starter opportunities from work experience, to traineeships, to apprenticeships to internships.

Skillset's new guidance is really important

The aim of the guidance, which also has the backing of Creative and Cultural Skills the lead industry body for the theatrical sector, is to clarify for employers and new starters precisely what each of the opportunities means.

Expectations as far as duration, payment and support are also discussed and a number of case studies are set out. 

"Skillset's new guidance is really important," said BECTU's Gerry Morrissey.

"It provides much needed support for new entrants and employers and will, we hope, improve the quality of the opportunities offered to those looking for a start in the creative sector.

"We’ll be doing our bit with employers to encourage them to adopt the guidance fully," he said. 

Consult the guidelines at
New entrants will also be interested in the information here

The new comprehensive guidance should be read alongside the Work Experience Guidelines first published by Skillset in February 2007 following the storm over conditions for new entrants in independent production. The 2007 guidelines are available here

New TUC website …..

Skillset's new guidance comes at time of increasing recognition, heightened by the recession, of the scope employers have to exploit new entrants. This recognition has encouraged new entrants to mount their own challenge to unpaid work with the help of the NUS.  

This activity is bolstered by the efforts of the TUC’s youth team which has also launched a new resource for interns  The site offers a valuable starting point for understanding the issues around unpaid work and for identifying available support.