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24 March 2010

A detailed study, launched just last week, found that in 2008, 39,000 jobs in the UK, and 186,000 jobs across Europe, were lost as a direct result of internet theft.

Guardian report on the latest study into the effects of illegal downloads

Digital Economy Bill - BECTU believes this is our political opportunity to get something done and to stop the rot

BECTU is part of the Creative Coalition Campaign, the cross-industry campaign against internet “piracy” - or theft, to call it by its real name.

Read the campaign's statement here

Every day thousands of normally law-abiding folk illegally share, stream or download films and TV programmes. Most of them probably don’t realise how much damage they are doing. But the damage is real, because internet theft takes millions of pounds out of the industry, reduces investment in new production, and costs jobs.

"This means that in this country, 39,000 people who should have been earning a living in the creative industries were prevented from doing so, because employers who were hit by internet theft were unable to employ them" commented Martin Spence, assistant general secretary.

However, the Digital Economy Bill, now going through parliament, contains practical proposals to tackle internet theft. BECTU believes this is our political opportunity to get something done and to stop the rot.

The Creative Coalition Campaign has made it easy for supporters to contact their MPs and to ask them to support the Bill and especially its proposals to tackle internet theft. 

The Industry Trust works to promote and protect creativity and copyright. More than 50 BECTU members have signed up with the Trust as ambassadors on this issue. Interested? Contact Katy Carter for more information.