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8 March 2010

Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow, winner of the 2010 Oscar for best director (The Hurt Locker) and the first woman to receive the honour.

The award comes as women across the world are celebrating International Women's Day and in particular the achievements of women to date.

The TUC is hosting its own celebration of this special day with a event at Congress House this evening (Monday). Standing room only tickets remaining.

Later this week the celebrations, and further calls to action, will continue at the Women's TUC in Eastbourne where BECTU will be represented. The union will be speaking on a motion which urges greater campaigning against the BNP whose policies threaten current and future progress on equality.  

BECTU takes this opportunity to congratulate all the nominees and winners at this year's Oscar ceremony amongst whom were British winners, Sandy Powell (costume, The Young Victoria) and Ray Beckett (sound on The Hurt Locker).