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17 August 2009

Members at Odeon have accepted a compromise solution to settle the dispute over bank holiday pay.

As a result, members now have a guarantee that they will not be rostered to work more than four bank holidays in a 12 month period and whilst premium payments will no longer apply, accured days off in lieu can be added to annual leave entitlement.

The agreement, confirmed in a ballot of members which closed on 14 August, settles a dispute which has been ongoing since the early summer. 

The agreement brings with it the reinstatement of the 2009 discretionary bonus award, which will be payable in 2010.

Of those members who took part in the consultative ballot, 57% voted to accept their representatives' recommendation to accept the amended offer. 

Commenting on the settlement, national official, Gerry Carr, said:

 "I am pleased that members have seen that this was the best that could be achieved through negotiation.

"Settlement of this dispute now allows us to concentrate our efforts on addressing the company's plans for digitalisation which will have a major impact on our members' employment."

BECTU has already started consultations on digital projection with members across several circuits. Contact Mick Corfield to take part in the discussions.