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BECTU's help holds the line on OB pay

5 August 2009

BECTU has intervened successfully to defend pay rates for freelance Outside Broadcast (OB) technicians.

Representations were needed when crewing companies involved in the hire of staff for a BT/CSI contract covering professional football in southern England and the Midlands for 2009/10, encountered some unexpected changes in the amount of monies available to pay staff.

The crewing companies had planned to pay staff £260 per day - a modest rate - but it then became apparent that efforts were underway to force the rate down to £200, a rate which assistant general secretary, Martin Spence, described as 'outrageous'. 

BECTU approached senior management at BT/CSI and an agreement was reached which maintains the offer of a £260 daily rate.

BECTU is looking to provide more support to freelances working on OBs. A meeting of members in June identified a number of areas where dialogue would benefit both staff and employers in the sector.

The union has approached the OB companies trade association and hopes to hold talks later in the year.

If you are interested in these developments contact us, putting OB issues, in the subject heading.

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