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30 July 2009

The Advertising Producers Association is being challenged by BECTU to increase lighting technicians pay to £320 per day up from the current £300 daily rate.

The claim was lodged in April, however, the APA's unwillingness to negotiate sufficiently led to a hearing before an ACAS arbitrator earlier this month. 

The lighting technicians daily rate in commercials' production was last increased in 2006.

The arbitrator found in BECTU's favour, however the official's acceptance of changes to the terms of reference, proposed by the APA on the day, has made the decision unacceptable to the union. 

The arbitrator ruled that the lighting technicians claim should be met but subject to improvements in growth domestic product.  

BECTU is now appealing the arbitrator's decision. A decision is expected in the next few weeks.

"We were astonished by the development.  An appeal of an arbitrator's decision is rare but entirely justified in the circumstances," explained national official, Spencer MacDonald.

"The ruling brings into question the very purpose of agreeing terms if they can be varied at the meeting by a decision of one party."

"The APA hoped that this would conclude the dispute but instead they have created another storm as BECTU will not be satisfied until this anomaly is addressed," Spencer MacDonald concluded.