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19 June 2009

BBC members have voted by more than 80 per cent majorities to accept a flat rate pay award for 2009/10.

 BBC Television Centre buildingBBC Television Centre in West London       Picture: Tony Scott

In consultative ballots which closed today, staff employed by the BBC across the country and by BBC Studios and Post Production Ltd have voted by majorities of 88 per cent and 84 per cent respectively to accept a flat rate award of £450 for 2009/10.

Members of the NUJ and Unite have also voted to accept the pay award. 

Joint union talks with the BBC on 28 May concluded with the BBC's final offer, which each union recommended for acceptance by its members. 

Pay freeze for higher earners

The pay award will be implemented on 1 August for all staff earning up to £60,000 a year.

Staff earning  £60,000, or above, will have their pay frozen in line with the BBC's policy for higher earners for the year ahead.

Writing in May to confirm the BBC's pay offer, Mike Goodie, BBC Employee Relations and People Strategy Director, explained:

"The pay settlement is a flat rate consolidated increase of £450 per annum to basic salary to take effect from August 1st 2009. This is subject to an upper earnings cap of £60,000 meaning that staff whose basic salary exceeds £60,000 will not receive an increase this year.

"Those staff whose basic salary is currently between £59,551 and £59,999 will receive a proportional amount of the flat rate increase which would take their basic salary to the cap of £60,000. As an example, a member of staff whose basic salary is currently £59,900 would receive an increase of £100 to their basic salary.

"The floors and ceilings of grades 2 - 11, Flexibility Allowances, UPA (Days), Night pay, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day and other protected continuing allowances will remain at their current rate and will not be increased as part of this year's pay deal."