BECTU 'disappointed' by National Theatre's new season line-up

In November 2018, BECTU united more than 90 theatres in the largest ever industry effort to address diversity.

1 April 2019

BECTU has expressed its disappointment following the news that the National Theatre's six play line-up features a lack of BAME and women writers and directors.

BECTU Assistant National Secretary Helen Ryan said: "It's one thing to express a desire to be progressive and reach new audiences however it's pointless if what makes it to the stage doesn't reflect the demographics of society. 

"We were encouraged by the keenness of the National Theatre to sign up to our Theatre Diversity Action plan at the end of last year, which aims to change the make-up and culture of the staff backstage.  

"We're therefore disappointed that the planned productions do not embrace the spirit of this recent commitment to do more to address diversity backstage. Ultimately, it's about addressing all aspects of theatre and its output. 

"We are sure that the National Theatre will listen to the reactions to their programming and work to address this in future productions." 

BECTU plans to write directly to the National Theatre to encourage them to look ahead to future scheduling and take steps to improve the diversity of their productions. Find out more about the Theatre Diversity Action Plan here: