Happy International Women’s Day

Prospect's TUC Women's Conference delegation

8 March 2019

Prospect and BECTU sector's team at the TUC Women’s Conference have heard heart wrenching stories and about the amazing and inspirational work of women trade unionists. We were also pleased to see so many young women participating in the conference.

Prospect’s motion on ‘Dignity for all in the workforce’ was carried unanimously. The motion focused on the need for respect for atypical workers. It calls on the TUC to take account of the views of freelancers and utilise opportunities to recruit precarious workers.

The conference also debated and unanimously carried the union’s motion on the gender pensions gap mandating a campaign to raise awareness of the UK’s 39.5% gender pay gap with the public and policymakers. It also calls on government to publish an annual estimate of the gender pensions gap and report regularly on the steps taken to tackle it.

Prospect delegates also contributed to debates on food poverty and neurodiversity and supported a motion by actors’ union Equity on the inappropriate use of non-disclosure agreements in cases of sexual harassment.

The delegation voted for a motion on period poverty to be debated by the TUC main conference later this year; an international issue for women and girls exacerbated by poverty. The motion calls for the provision of free sanitary wear, for example to low income families and homeless shelters, and championing charitable work on this issue.

Note: Prospect’s delegation comprised Christine Bond (BECTU – RPD), Jessica Bryan (MOLAS), Lucie Brown (NDA), Rebecca Cummings (NEC), Katherine Dunne (NPL), Sue Ferns (SDGS), Peggy-Ann Fraser (FAA), Liz Hardwick (BECTU - RPD), Nicola Khawaja (Chatham House), Becky Lander (IPO), Kam Liddar (National Grid), Carolyn Spence (BT) and Sadie Watson (MOLAS).