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Eyes Half Shut focuses on bullying

15 November 2018

Eyes Half Shut highlights how long hours can create an environment where bullying takes place.

BECTU’s #EyesHalfShut campaign continues by focussing on how long hours can lead to a bullying environment at work.

One BECTU member shared their experience of bullying as a result of their colleague working long hours. They said: "He couldn't cope with the demands of his job and he took it out on me. When I left, the production said they knew what I'd been through and would pay me a weeks' notice. If they knew what was going on, why didn't they do something to stop it?"

This anti-bullying week read our factsheet on how to stand up to bullying in film and TV. We know it is a major concern for our members and that’s why we are here to help you take a stand against it.

BECTU's aim is to give our members the tools to be able to deal with bullying when they are expereincing it.

Read more about how to tackle bullying in our new Standing Up guide.

If you are being bullied or if you see it happening there are several things that you can do:

-      Call the industry helpline: 0800 054 0000

-      Contact your BECTU rep

-      Come along to a BECTU anti-bullying workshop

Help make a change

BECTU is calling for all parts of the industry to come together to form a commission dedicated to reducing the industry's reliance on a long-hours working culture. You can sign our petition in support of this demand at

For more information, facts and support about work related mental health, please Like and follow our new Eyes Half Shut Facebook page for updates on the campaign and use #EyesHalfShut on any social media posts.

About the campaign

  • BECTU’s petition, calling for an industry-wide commission to reduce long hours working, has already received over 8,400 signatures. Supporters of the campaign are urged to sign it, here.
  • report was published in 2017 highlighting the damage long hours working is doing, not only to the workers in the film and TV industries, but to the industry itself.
  • The campaign has its own webpage here.
  • Individual branches are being supported in campaigning on the issues that most concern their own departments of the industry.
  • A campaign pack has been produced containing:
    • “Eyes Camera Caffeine” #eyeshalfshut posters
    • Badges
    • Stickers
    • Campaign calling cards
    • The Eyes Half Shut report (2017)