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#talkBECTU: Union Learning

Gregor Mutch (right)

7 November 2018

This #talkBECTU union week, we look at how our practical learning courses are helping our members build stronger careers.

Set on a career in film and television, Gregor Mutch signed up as a BECTU member shortly after graduating from his Media degree at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University – and wasted no time getting stuck into union learning.

First stop was the free BECTU Vision Hit the Ground Running roadshow, where a presentation on behind the scenes careers in film and television inspired Gregor to apply for the intensive two-day Hit the Ground Running short course for new entrants. 

Despite his degree, and some experience of on-set environments, the interactive practical industry-based course gave Gregor invaluable industry insight. 

“The HTGR course answered a lot of questions that I had, along with some I’d never thought of before,” said Gregor. “The training has given me more confidence in my ability to work as an efficient and competent runner.”

Hungry for more, Gregor attended BECTU Vision’s one-day Marketing and Networking course and took part in the follow-up networking event, where he had the chance to mingle with professionals and employers. Living in rural Aberdeenshire, BECTU’s networking events have given Gregor a golden opportunity to build industry relationships.

When BECTU Vision learned that Gregor is dyslexic, they worked with course tutors to ensure training was tailored to his needs. Gregor has also completed an introduction to excel course which was a helpful addition to his CV.

“I’m not the most academic person and struggled with dyslexia throughout school and university,” said Gregor. “However, my experience with BECTU accommodating my needs has been excellent.”

And Gregor’s successes have inspired BECTU Vision to work with Dyslexia Scotland to ensure all courses and materials are dyslexia friendly. 

Gregor said: “It can be difficult to ask for additional support, so hearing that BECTU Vision are working towards more additional help for others with similar difficulties makes me very happy.”

Thanks to the training and networking opportunities offered by BECTU, Gregor’s career as a freelance Production Runner is flourishing, with his CV boasting work on STV and BBC dramas. 

“The knowledge I have gained through BECTU Vision has helped me find employment in a competitive industry and I fully intend to continue my learning with them,” says Gregor.

BECTU’s Linda Fraser said: “Gregor’s story is an exceptionally good example of how a positive attitude to lifelong learning, combined with the opportunities for industry-based training through union learning, can overcome barriers and enable workers to achieve their goals.”

Further information on BECTU training and learning opportunities in the nations and regions can be found here.

Information on support for neurodiversity can be found on the website of BECTU’s parent union, Prospect.  

#talkBECTU union week also coincides with Dyslexia Scotland’s Dyslexia Awareness Week.