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BECTU launches new campaign, Standing Up

2 November 2018

BECTU today (Saturday 3 November) launched a new campaign, Standing Up, which aims to encourage workers to come together to challenge bullying.

Arising from concerns raised during the union’s Eyes Half Shut campaign, the London Production Division will use the new campaign to shine a light on a culture of bullying within the industry and find empowering ways to address it.

Assistant national secretary Paul Evans said:

“Many of our members tell us that, in their view, while long hours is the symptom, the real illness in our industry is bullying. In many cases, members talk about a low level, institutionalised culture of coercion where precarious freelancers are given non-negotiable working conditions.

“But the more we thought about it, the more we realised that instead of campaigning against bullying, we needed to be working to ensure our members have more flexibility and control over their own lives. We recognised that it’s really about respect at work.

“For this reason, our 2019 campaigning in the London Production Division will focus on how to stand up for yourself as well as standing up for each other. We’ll be looking at how workers can come together to give everyone a clearer voice in our industry – and will link this to being able to look after themselves in the first place.”

To read Evans’ full blog go here.

As part of the campaign BECTU has created a guide to help workers to stand up for themselves and others. ‘Standing up – for yourself, and for each other’ can be downloaded here and outlines what help is available to tackle the climate of bullying within the creative industries as well as how we can create real change by working together.