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BECTU pushes back on Fraturday

5 October 2018

BECTU challenges 'Fraturday' practice creeping into UK production.

BECTU is challenging ‘Fraturday’ where shorter ‘weekly turnaround’ breaks – a common occurrence in other countries - are beginning to creep into the UK.

The term comes from crew not having adequate weekly turnaround break after wrapping on a Friday before they return to work the following week.

In practice this might mean that a Friday shoot starting in the day might wrap very early on Saturday morning – leading to the term ‘Fraturday’.

However, this isn’t limited to just weekends as crew can be contracted for any five (or six) days out of seven. The heart of the issue is proper breaks after blocks of five or six days.

Spencer Macdonald BECTU national secretary said: “We are urging members to push back on engagements that don’t guarantee minimum ‘weekly turnarounds’ (either 48+11 hours for a two-day weekly turnaround, or 24+11 on a one-day weekly turnaround break).

“We know that our Eyes Half Shut campaign has resonated with so many film and TV workers as their personal lives are sacrificed for their work. Fraturday is just another example of this and we don’t intend for this to go unchallenged.”

BECTU is asking memebrs to post on any social media on Friday (5 October) afternoon about the issue to raise awareness of it.

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