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EU Parliament ensures more money comes back to production

14 September 2018

On Thursday 13 September the European Parliament voted to adopt the report on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

Fairer remuneration equals more productions

The report promotes a sustainable environment for BECTU’s members, with terms which will ensure more money coming back into the production industry. Not only will producers and directors receive a fairer remuneration for the work they generate for platforms like YouTube and Facebook, this increase in the production economy will positively affect other BECTU members, resulting in more productions and more work.

BECTU congratulates UNI MEI Global Union on its work in achieving compromise amendments on chapter III of the report, which toughen up the Commission’s proposed plans to make online platforms and aggregators liable for copyright infringements.

Article 14, 15 & 16 of particular importance

UNI MEI highlighted the improvements in articles 14, 15 and 16 of the report to be particularly important. The improvement of article 14 means that it now covers the entire economic life of works and will allow for full transparency of information regarding the exploitation of works.

Equally important is the inclusion of the principle of collective bargaining in contractual adjustment in article 15, and dispute resolution in article 16, which ensures these rights will materialise.

Unions call for swift implementation of report

BECTU joins UNI MEI in now calling on all the Commission, Council and Parliament negotiators to fully implement the report based on the clear and strong mandate of the European Parliament with regards to chapter III on fair remuneration of authors and performers.

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