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BECTU statement: BBC Annual Report 2017-18

Sarah Ward, BECTU's assistant national secretary Pic: Mark Dimmock.

11 July 2018

Commenting on today's publication of the BBC’s Annual Report 2017-18, Sarah Ward, BECTU’s assistant national secretary, said:

“BECTU notes with keen interest the BBC’s latest information on salaries over £150K; this underlines the huge job of work still to do in getting nearer to equality at the BBC.

“But there has been progress and BECTU and its sister unions have been in talks almost constantly since last summer, challenging and working with the BBC to address this situation. There is now a new framework for On Air staff, not unlike that used for the rest of the BBC, which provides actual salary management for those roles in a way that has not existed before. It was the absence of this rationale that allowed much of the inequality to develop.

“We regret that it required such a public outcry, and the exposure of some high profile cases, to get the BBC to act, but we believe that BBC management has now started to move in the right direction and we intend to keep on pushing this agenda, throughout the BBC.

“We encourage more media and entertainment organisations to take the same long hard look in the mirror, as we continue to press for transparency and equality in all workplaces.”

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