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Tribunal hearing begins for sacked reps

12 March 2018

The Employment Tribunals begin taking evidence today in the case of three BECTU representatives dismissed by Picturehouse Cinemas during the long running industrial dispute over the Living Wage.

The BECTU Sector of Prospect believes the dismissals last June were unlawful and were motivated by a desire to crush lawful trade union activity by representatives at the Brixton Ritzy.

The union is supporting the affected representatives in their claims.

Whilst the tribunal hearing gets underway, so too do further plans for strike action. Tuesday 13 March will see another 24 hour strike at the Brixton Ritzy starting at 5am. A demonstration outside the venue will run from 5.30 - 7pm.

This next strike follows action on International Women's day last week supported by union members at Picturehouses in Central London, Crouch End, East Dulwich, and Hackney. Members withdrew their labour, again over a 24 hour period, and the day concluded with a demonstration at the Picturehouse Central.

However, in response to support there from individuals not involved in the dispute, BECTU has issued the following statement:

Support for Picturehouse staff on strike

A reminder from Gerry Morrissey, head of the BECTU Sector of Prospect, to groups supporting the Picturehouse dispute:

“The BECTU Sector of Prospect is conducting and sustaining a dispute with an employer who has shown a repeated willingness to challenge the Union in respect of lawful picketing and as will be known, they
have already dismissed representatives who we will be supporting at Tribunal this week.

“In view of the nature of this dispute, whilst it is natural that groups and individuals wish to show solidarity with our members, that support must compliment the values of our Union. In particular the freedom to
express opinion without intimidation.

“We appreciate the support received, but as we continue to seek to win for our members we ask all groups and individuals to remember this is a dispute which we are responsible for and intend to conduct in
compliance with the law and our rules.”

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