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Campaign continues to stop Murdoch

BECTU is affiliated to the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

20 February 2018

The BECTU Sector of Prospect is affiliated to the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF) and we support the team there in their efforts to stop Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of Sky TV.

The CPBF is fundraising to continue its campaign against further concentration of media ownership in the UK and they're asking for your help. 

Help raise £20,000 to stop the Murdoch takeover of Sky - statement from the CPBF

"The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom has launched an appeal to fund its vital fight to stop Rupert Murdoch taking over Sky TV.

"If Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox corporation succeeds it will cement his control of our media. Politics will be yet more nationalist, right-wing and xenophobic; governments will be even deeper in his pocket.

"The takeover bid is bogged down in a regulatory process that could drag on to the summer. We’ve got just a few months to make sure it doesn’t go through.

"Donate to the CPBF’s £20,000 appeal and together we can stop it. It would be a long-overdue and unprecedented setback for the UK’s biggest media baron.

"Even though he’s agreed a deal to sell off most of his film and TV assets to Disney, the Sky bid is still going ahead.

"We need the funds for a campaign worker and the cost of organising events and producing campaign material. Details are at"

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