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Spotlight on UK Theatre pay

9 January 2018

Preparations are underway for talks with UK Theatre on the pay award for 2018-19. The pay review is due on 1 April.

BECTU's pay claim was submitted in early January and seeks a 4% increase to all rates of pay and allowances. The latest RPI figure stands at 3.9%. The claim also acknowledges increases to the Real Living Wage last November which set a London rate of £10.20 an hour and an outer London rate of £8.75.

In a letter to Wayne Lee, UK Theatre's head of employment relations, Helen Ryan, BECTU's assistant national secretary, also recognises the efforts being made by employers who are part of UK Theatre to pay the Real Living Wage. 

Be part of our pay survey

Submission of the claim coincides with the final weeks of the union's wider survey into pay rates across venues covered by the UK Theatre collective agreement.

The survey, which is open to members and non-members, invites feedback on rates at venues large and small to inform a review of grading in the collective agreement. The review is set to get underway during the first quarter of 2018. If you work in a theatre covered by the UK Theatre agreement you can access the survey here. Since the survey was launched in December more than 600 people have taken part.

Whilst talks on grading and conditions will run alongside talks on the pay review, the union's formal claim also includes a proposal to protect the rights of Regularly Engaged Staff where hours and patterns of work may change through no fault of their own. The union wants Regular Engaged Staff to retain that status once this has been achieved. 

The UK Theatre agreement covers more than 200 venues across the UK including producing and receiving houses. 

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