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Planned closure of The London Studios is a betrayal of staff, says BECTU

Staff at The London Studios. PicStefano Cagnoni

21 February 2017

BECTU issued the following statement today following news of ITV's plans to close The London Studios.

Planned closure of The London Studios is a betrayal of staff, says BECTU

Today’s announcement that ITV plans to close The London Studios is 'a betrayal of staff', says the recognised union, BECTU.

The proposal is part of a significant planned redevelopment of the company’s Southbank base, albeit that planning permission has yet to be sought.

The London Studios complex, a long established home to ITV’s daytime output and to money spinners such as Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, The Jonathan Ross Show and third party productions such as The Graham Norton Show, has been a jewel in the company’s crown and a favoured location for television production for all the major channels. The facilities are home to substantial technical and production expertise in light entertainment television.

Commenting on the announcement, Gerry Morrissey, head of BECTU, said:

“Today’s announcement is a betrayal of dedicated staff at The London Studios who have worked to build a go-to production facility. Even in the short term the proposal has no logic. Why announce the studios closure when planning permission has yet to be sought and when the redevelopment will not begin until 2018 at the earliest?

“We’ll be asking the questions which need to be asked to shine a light on the plans and to defend the interests of our members. We’d also like to know whether the proposal to close The London Studios is motivated more by the prospect of a possible sale of the company than by sound industrial planning.”

The company’s statement to staff talks about plans for ‘a terrific new London home for everyone’. However it’s clear that the company’s current plans don’t include all of the 1500 plus staff on the Southbank and in fact exclude staff responsible for some of the company’s core output. BECTU will be looking to persuade the company to re-think its proposals.


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  1. BECTU merged with Prospect on 1 January 2017 to become the BECTU sector of Prospect, the largest organising unit within the 140,000 strong union.
  2. BECTU represents staff working in both the ITV regions and in the capital.

 Download the 'Sos...Save The London Studios' leaflet.