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8 May 2009

Film industry construction crews have successfully defended their paid bank holidays on major feature films in UK studios.

After a dispute which blew up after Easter, construction crews will continue to be paid for bank holidays in addition to their statutory holiday pay.

Producers had attempted to force through a worsening of conditions by deciding that bank holidays would be treated as part of the statutory leave entitlement. Action by construction crews means that no such change has been agreed.

The disagreement was resolved on Clash of the Titans last week following mass meetings of construction crews and a meeting with management. Warner Brothers, the producers, have also agreed to apply the established formula on the latest Harry Potter production.

The issue has also been resolved on Universal’s film, Nottingham, after construction crew members gave a week’s notice to terminate their contracts.

Assistant general secretary Martin Spence said:

“When you cut through the complexity of legal changes and statutory entitlements, at root this was a straightforward issue: members saw a long-standing right being taken away, and they weren’t having it. They stood firm and this is a great result.”

An increase in statutory holiday entitlement was introduced on 1 April. Up-to-date  recommended rates for certain production grades can be found at