7 July 2015

BECTU members at ITV have resolved their pay dispute with acceptance of a revised offer after strike action in May.

On a 52% turnout, BECTU members voted 88.3% in favour to 11.7% against to accept an improved offer from management. The consultative ballot closed yesterday (Tuesday 6 July).

The revised offer followed strike action by members of BECTU, the NUJ and Unite on 14 May. Union members at the company's sites in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London's Southbank, Norwich, Nottingham, Tyne Tees, and Salford all supported the action.

That same day, the unions also organised a mass lobby and leafletting of the shareholders' Annual General Meeting at Westminster's Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre where the team was joined by a Simon Cowell look-a-like who lightened the mood on a cold and rainy day in London. 

Action secured an improved offer

The key elements of the improved offer were a 0.2% increase on the earlier pay offer to 2.2%; a substantial increase in the redundancy pay cap, up by £9K to £45K, and an additional two days leave for all staff with more than 5 years service.  

BECTU's assistant general secretary, Spencer MacDonald, thanked BECTU members for their support:

"Throughout the discussions BECTU had asked management to recognise the hard work, ability and contribution made by ITV staff. Unfortunately it took industrial action before an agreement could be reached.”

“Inflation is currently very low and key indicators suggest it will remain well below 2.2% this year. Therefore it is forecast that the now agreed pay rise will beat inflation.

“We are very pleased to have been able to get the company to increase the redundancy cap, and this will now go up by £9,000 - a significant shift. In addition to this, two extra paid holiday days per year represent an extra boost to all staff with at least five years service. That is a significant increase and a real improvement on the current leave arrangement.

“There are other smaller concessions, but all of this represents an improvement in pay and conditions for all ITV staff. These are all positive changes that resulted from the action and subsequent negotiating meetings.

"On behalf of the union I would like to thank you for your participation in the protest and for helping us to achieve these changes."

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