2 July 2015

Members taking part in a house meeting at the National Theatre has given their backing to a 2% pay deal, backdated to April 2015, underpinned by the London Living Wage.

The meeting, held on Thursday 18 June, also saw members accept the proposal that all holiday pay would in future reflect overtime earnings in departments where this isn't yet the practice, such as costume and production. Shortfalls in holiday pay will be met subject to backdating to November 2012.

Comprehensive new agreement too

However, importantly, these advances now sit within the context of a new comprehensive recognition agreement signed yesterday, 1 July, more than two years after management tried to derecognise BECTU. 

Months of intensive and detailed talks have also produced more flexible terms and conditions for Section 7 (technical) staff. 

Willy Donaghy, supervisory official, said: 

"This has been a momentous period at the National Theatre and a great deal of hard work has produced a new agreement which we hope will be the basis for positive industrial relations going forward.

"Special thanks go to our members and especially to Emily Collin, chief steward, for their solidarity and commitment to strengthening BECTU's position in the workplace."

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