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BBC TV Drama: Lighting technicians’ rates increase

Lighting technicians working on in-house BBC drama benefit from new pay rates effective 1 April 2015.

1 April 2015

Lighting technicians working on in-house BBC TV drama productions will start benefiting today (1 April) from new pay rates agreed as the second part of a two-year deal signed in 2014.

BBC executives have said they intend to continue shooting 11 hours on camera days, five days a week, for the foreseeable future, but with effect from today, 1 April 2015, will pay the 24/35 equivalent rates of £275 per 11hr day / £1375 per 55hr week, with overtime being paid at £35 per hour.

The new rates 

This new rates will apply to any in-house BBC TV Drama, Series and Serials productions being produced through Grafton House Productions (GHP) or through World Wide Productions UK (WW PUK).

The BBC has confirmed that the new rates will also be paid to lighting technicians working on Luther and Dr Who, which are already shooting, plus on From Darkness and Silent Witness which are in pre-production.

Please note these rates do not apply to independent productions that are being made for the BBC.

'Members standing together to secure an acceptable rate'

Welcoming the development, Helen Ryan, BBC supervisory officials said: “BECTU officials and members involved in the negotiations with the BBC, believe that the two-year deal was reached because the members were prepared to stand together to secure an acceptable rate.”

Talks are ongoing with ITV Studios and independent production companies with many already accepting the 24/35 rate.

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