Members approve Red Bee Media's pay offer

Pic: Red Bee Media

16 September 2014

Union members at Red Bee Media have voted to accept a seven month pay deal. In a consultative ballot, which closed on 10 September, members approved a 2% pay rise by an overwhelming majority of 87.4%.

Details of the offer

The 2% pay rise was offered to all staff, excluding those in the Creative Division, after significant negotiations between the union and Red Bee Media.

All full time staff will receive a 2% increase, with part time staff receiving a pro-rata increase. The offer includes raising bank holiday, night shift and days conditions allowances by 2%. Designated home workers will see their annual allowance rise by £1 a week bringing the amount to £208 per year. 

The seven-month pay offer was made in the context of RBM’s recent acquisition by Ericsson; the new parent company aims to migrate RBM staff into its company-wide pay policy, hence the shorter than usual settlement period. BECTU will submit a further pay claim ahead of the new annual review date of 1 April (previously 1 September).

Creative Division

BECTU tried hard to secure an across the board increase for members in the Creative Division who rely on an established performance-related pay system for pay increases. The union did not succeed in moving management on this point but will revisit the issues affecting Creative in pay talks in 2015.

Recommended by BECTU

In a letter to members on 27 August, national official Noel McClean said:

“It is the unanimous view of your negotiating team that we recommend you vote yes to accept the pay offer.”

BECTU originally sought a 4% increase, but Red Bee Media’s offer would actually equal 3.4% if applied to a full 12 month period.

”2% for such a short period stands up well compared to other settlements,” said Noel.

“We have secured almost the full value of our claim albeit for the seven months, and we will be pursuing a new claim in April next year.”

Red Bee Media has confirmed it aims to implement the pay deal in time for the September payroll.

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