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Union appeals to VFX employers to improve working conditions

3 February 2014

BECTU, the UK's media and entertainment union, is appealing to VFX employers to improve working conditions for their staff.

Today sees the launch of a charter on working time which highlights key areas where improvements are needed says BECTU. 

Deep-rooted concerns over working conditions

A recent survey amongst VFX staff found high levels of dissatisfaction amongst this skilled group over working hours, workloads and work/life balance.

Responding to the survey:

  • 77 per cent of people knew someone who had recently left the industry over workloads, overtime and poor working conditions;
  • 81 per cent of people had felt pressured or bullied into working overtime for free on films;
  • 83 per cent of people said it was difficult, or very difficult, to raise a family whilst working in VFX

What does the Charter call for?

  • All overtime to be voluntary
  • All overtime to be paid
  • Working Time Regulation opt-outs to be handled responsibly
  • Respect for caring responsibilities
  • Statutory rights to daily rest to be met (eg 11 hour break between turns of duty)
  • Statutory rights to weekly rest to be met (eg no to working on 12 consecutive days)
  • Better care for night workers
  • Respect for the rights of trade union members. 

Read the charter in full here (document also attached to this page). As the charter is rolled out BECTU is holding a number of meetings with members to take the campaign forward. Support the VFX campaign (VFX application form also attached to this page).

Sign our petition to show your support for the VFX charter


The union's VFX campaign, launched nine months ago, is having an impact. The pros and cons (are there any?) of union recognition for VFX staff will be debated at this month's BVE trade show at ExCel. Join the discussion on Thursday 27 February from 11.40 - 12.25 in the Post-Production Theatre; come along to meet with the officials involved, Martin Spence and Gus Baker. 

BVE happens from Tuesday to Thursday, 25-27 February, and BECTU will be taking part throughout from stand D45. Find out more about BECTU support for workers across media and entertainment which includes not only expert representation and legal services but essential training and low-cost insurances. And if your CV needs a refresh visit our stand first thing on the day of your visit to book a CV 1-to-1.

For more about the show, the host of exhibitors and seminars taking place across eight theatres visit Registration is free if you book in advance. 

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