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17 October 2013

BECTU has submitted a formal, statutory application for recognition at Curzon cinemas.

The application, submitted to the CAC (Central Arbitration Committee) on 10 October 2013, seeks the right to negotiate for members at the art house cinema chain. BECTU expects a reply from the CAC by 24 October.

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Voluntary discussions between BECTU and Curzon cinemas have secured agreement on the definition of the bargaining unit (the description of staff to be covered by a recognition agreement).

The application cites:

"Cinema Managers, Cinema Projection Employees, General Cinema Employees and Non-Managerial Employees in Head Office employed by Curzon World and its subsidiaries."

However, management's insistence on seeing the union's records to verify membership levels, together with an insistence on a minimum 45 per cent of staff in membership, meant that no further progress could be made using the voluntary route.

Strong support

BECTU membership at the company far exceeds the 10 per cent minimum threshold required by the legislation to make an application for recognition valid; and the level of support for recognition amongst staff generally is well above 50 per cent as evidenced by a petition signed by 108 staff in the summer. 

BECTU wants to secure representation rights for the company's staff including those working at the Curzon Mayfair, Curzon Soho, Renoir Cinema, Curzon Chelsea, Curzon Richmond, HMV Curzon Wimbledon, Curzon Knutsford, and Curzon Stafford.

The campaign for recognition for Curzon staff got underway earlier this year. Issues for staff include pay rates and the use of zero-hours contracts.

Curzon staff are also very close to their customers and aim to use the influence on management which BECTU recognition will bring to restore concessionary ticket prices for the disabled, senior citizens, students and the unemployed.

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