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BBC pay settlement agreed for 2013-14

BECTU, the NUJ and Unite have reached agreement with the BBC on a pay increase for 2013-2014.

14 August 2013

Unions representing staff at the BBC have today settled their dispute over pay for 2013-14. The news follows consultative ballots in July, the results of which were held over pending further talks with the director-general, Tony Hall, which took place yesterday (Tuesday 13 August.)

As a result of the now negotiated settlement, the pay award for all staff will be a flat rate £800 or 1% whichever is the greater. The terms of the settlement also apply to staff employed by BBC Studios and Post-Production Ltd. 

With RPI currently running at 3.1 per cent this means a below-inflation increase for the majority of BBC staff; for staff earning just under £26,000 the increase will be in line with inflation.

The unions' campaign had bid to end the cycle of below-inflation awards which has seen BBC pay fall 10% below inflation in the past five years but in a key concession, the director general, has agreed to take part in discussions beginning this autumn to address pay remuneration at the BBC.  

Gerry Morrissey, BECTU general secretary, who led the negotiations on behalf of BECTU, the NUJ and Unite said:

"We are very disappointed that not all BBC staff will benefit from an award which is at least inflation-proofed this year; however we will address this going forward when we sit down in the autumn with the DG and his team.

"The BBC has certainty about its income until 2016 and that means that the Corporation is in a position to do more on pay for staff for the remainder of this licence fee period, ahead of Charter renewal."

Writing to the BBC today on behalf of the joint unions, Gerry Morrissey said:

"The joint unions look forward to addressing the problems with pay, pay progression and staff remuneration in the talks that the Director General has committed to in the autumn."

Read the BBC's official confirmation of the pay settlement (doc also attached to this page).

July ballot

The agreement announced today settles a pay dispute which had led to an industrial action ballot. That ballot was suspended in June when the BBC improved its pay offer from a flat rate £650 to £800. (The BBC's initial offer on pay had been £600).

The results of BECTU's consultative ballot on the improved offer which closed on 18 July were:

BBC members: 67% for acceptance; 33% against;

BBC Studios & Post Ltd: 60% for acceptance; 40% against. 

However a lack of agreement between the unions on all aspects of the proposed settlement led to the request for further talks with the DG which took place earlier this week.  

Other aspects of the deal

The floors and ceilings of the BBC's banded grading system will each be increased by one per cent.

Whilst the BBC plans to consolidate payments for unpredictable and unsocial hours working (UPA) into basic salaries for existing staff in January 2014, the unions have several questions which remain unanswered. The unions retain the right to dispute the changes if the BBC's responses do not satisfy the needs of their members.  

Talks on a new pay and grading structure are underway which will include further discussion about compensation for unpredictable and unsocial hours working for new staff.

These talks will also now seek to conclude discussions on any alterations to the BBC's redundancy consultation and redeployment policy which will remain unchanged until further notice. In particular staff subject to redundancy consultations will continue to have six months to secure redeployment once their post is selected for closure. 

The 2013-14 pay increase will be implemented in the August payroll.

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Updated 16 August 2013 to include a link to the BBC's official confirmation of the settlment.