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16 July 2013

The British film industry has been worrying about itself for decades. Are we a destination of choice for international producers aiming to make world-class pictures – or are we a production platform for Hollywood?

Are our indigenous filmmakers developing a unique national film culture – or are they a cottage industry living hand to mouth? writes Martin Spence, BECTU assistant general secretary.

By comparison, seen from afar, the French film industry appears more self-assured, both in its funding and in its cultural standing.

French lessons?

Some months ago BECTU’s Film Policy Committee decided to test this, and secured the union’s support to commission the highly-respected consultancy Creative Screen Associates (CSA) to research and publish a comparison between UK and French film funding. The aim was to establish whether or not there are lessons we can learn from France.

The CSA report pulls together a wealth of data and insights. By directly comparing our own film industry with France in terms of funding, budgets, output, distribution and exhibition, it offers a new understanding of what works, and what doesn’t work, here in the UK.

Tell us what you think

We're asking BECTU members - and others who care about our film industry - to read the report and let us know your views. Your contributions will help the union's Film Policy Committee to frame its own recommendations as it studies the report further.

BECTU members should login to access the full report here. If you're not a BECTU member please read the Executive Summary

To share your thoughts on the report do email us at putting “FILM POLICY” in the subject header (and please indicate whether or not you’re a BECTU member). 

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