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1 April 2009

Toronto based film producer Rob Heydon is reported to be contacting BECTU members in Scotland to offer work on his project, 'Ecstasy'.

However, BECTU is still attempting to recover money for some members who worked on Rob Heydon’s first attempt at this project last year.

While there have been protracted and intermittent discussions with Rob Heydon on possible solutions, he has failed to date to make any payments to the members who believe they are still due money from him.

BECTU is also concerned that Heydon may be seeking support from Scottish Screen for this latest production attempt which is rumoured to start shooting within the next few weeks.

BECTU has written to Scottish Screen to highlight the issues.

Rob Heydon is also rumoured to be telling freelances that he has resolved any outstanding issues with BECTU. As stated earlier, this is far from the case.  BECTU awaits a reply from Heydon to its latest letter seeking payment of the monies owed. 

BECTU wants to avoid more members finding themselves in a situation where they are not paid for the work they do. Any members who may have accepted work on the project are invited  to contact Scottish Officer, Paul McManus.