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Cuts to workers' rights are a disgrace, says BECTU

BECTU flag in gold and blue BECTU condemns government plans to cut payments in the tribunals.

14 September 2012

BECTU has today condemned as a disgrace government plans to cut compensation levels for workers who succeed with claims for unfair dismissal in the tribunals.

The announcement this morning (14 September), from business secretary Vince Cable, has drawn huge criticism from the labour movement  which sees the plans as further evidence of a government which has run out of ideas to deal with the recession. Not only is Mr Cable's adoption of Tory policy woefully ill-conceived, says BECTU, but it will also fail to create the employment on which economic recovery depends. 

Gerry Morrissey, BECTU general secretary, commented:

"This is yet another attack on working people and Vince Cable and his fellow ministers should be hanging their heads in shame.

"Cutting workers' rights and cutting the punishment employers can expect when workers are treated badly is not only bad policy it is also anti-democratic.

"These plans amount to a charter for bad employers which if passed will have the greatest negative impact on the lowest paid.  This government is not encouraging weak employers to improve, it is actively discouraging them from adopting the best employment practices by creating a climate in which it is harder for workers to challenge unfairness," Gerry Morrissey said.

Workers' rights under repeated attack

The government changed the law earlier this year to increase, to two years, the service requirement to claim unfair dismissal. In April 2013 the government will introduce charges for access to the tribunals which will further discourage those most in need of assistance from accessing justice.

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