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23 May 2012

The strike action at BBC Wales targeting coverage of the Olympic torch relay which was due to run for 24 hours from midnight on Thursday 25 May has been cancelled.

BECTU and the NUJ have reached an agreement with BBC Wales which resolves the issues around the targeting of trade union reps and the dismissal of Heidi Williams, the chair of the Cardiff BECTU branch.

BECTU assistant general secretary, Luke Crawley, said:

“This outcome has only been achieved because of the readiness of union members to stand together and show their collective strength in support of a valued colleague. The decision to take strike action is never taken lightly but the issue of trade union victimisation is just too important to ignore. Thank you to all our members and to those in the NUJ at BBC Wales.”

Both BECTU and the NUJ hope that despite the seriousness of the issues involved the agreement now reached will allow them to move forward and begin the task of rebuilding the relationship with BBC Wales.

Talks had continued between the parties after a 12-hour session at ACAS  last week failed to resolve the dispute.