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3 April 2012

BECTU is delighted to announce the appointment of Alison Goring as project manager for the successful freelance skills development Vision Project in Scotland.

The Vision Project has run since 2010.

Like her predecessor Michael Wilson, Alison will also be responsible for managing the Skillset Drama Training Project run by BECTU and the BBC.

The Drama Training Project, initially conceived by Anne Mensah, then head of drama at BBC Scotland, emerged from a partnership between BBC Scotland’s Drama department and BECTU. The project focused on two aims: to make Scottish based producers first choice appointments for every local and Network commission in Scotland and in so doing to encourage production companies and commissioners to see Scotland as their first choice for scripted productions.

"We started from the premise that producers based in Scotland would be more likely to engage freelances based in the country, a scenario which once achieved would reverse the trend of importing freelances, particularly at the HOD level. These new foundations could then maximise the use of crews based in Scotland on every production," explained Scottish officer, Paul McManus.

The Drama project supports these ambitions by offering paid training and mentoring opportunities to existing producers in Scotland as well as eight-week producer taster schemes for freelances interested in moving up to the next level.

In addition collaboration with independent production companies has produced producer internship opportunities to allow potential producers to work on and learn from real projects.

The Vision Project

The BECTU Vision Project spreads the ambition of the Drama Training Project across the production community. It seeks to develop further the skills base of Scottish freelances in preparation for the hoped-for increase in commissions.

Courses delivered to 400 freelances so far

The project delivers professional development training opportunities through a programme of short courses. In its first two years 400 freelances have followed courses through the project on everything from file-based cameras to masterclasses in make-up and hair.

The Drama Training project is funded by Skills Development Scotland, BBC Scotland and BECTU with STUC support.

The BECTU Vision Project is funded through the STUC and BECTU.

New appointee Alison Goring

Alison has enjoyed a hugely successful 20-year career in both television and film working as a 2nd AD and more recently as a production manager. Her credits range from Dr Finlay and Sea of Souls to Cloud Atlas.

"Alison's wealth of experience combined with her passion for skills development and training gives her an extensive knowledge of the issues which the Vision Project aims to address and makes her the perfect candidate to take both projects forward," commented Paul McManus.

Alison succeeds Michael Wilson who steered both projects skillfully over two years and who this month returns to the industry as line producer on MI High.

"Production in Scotland is developing positively and these two projects are making a real contribution," Paul McManus continued.

"At least  one production has relocated to Scotland as a result of Michael's work and the recent appointment of one of our producer trainees to Waterloo Road demonstrates the value of this work," he commented.

"I am also in no doubt that the success of both projects to date played a significant part in attracting an extremely high standard of applicants to succeed Michael Wilson. I am grateful to everyone who applied for the post and must also say a big thank you to Gaynor Holmes and Annie Paterson at the BBC, not just for their role in the application and interview process, but for all the work they have put into the project.

"I look forward to working with Alison who starts later this month and I have total confidence that both projects will continue to enjoy every success under her stewardship.”

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